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Realm Defense Hero Legends Tips and Tricks

Realm Defense Hero Legends Tips and Tricks

The realm defense apk is one of the tower defense games that are most striking on Android and iOS. We can command a group of heroes in it and of course build towers with which we will defend waves of enemies.

As usual in this type of games, the waves will become stronger in each level. So you will have to have a good defensive strategy if you do not want to fall to the first change. So without further ago we start with realm defense hero legends tips and tricks. Download Realm Defense Hack

Placement of the towers:

It is much more interesting to place the towers well than to fill all the tower spaces.

The fundamental thing is to take advantage of the attack ranges of the towers so that each one can cause as many impacts as possible. Download Realm Defense Hero Legends Hacks and Cheats

Improve the towers:

If we have already located the best points to place the towers, do not obsess about filling the rest of the spaces. The next thing is to level up the towers that are already well placed. We just have to fill in gaps when it costs us or we cannot continue to level up what we already have. Download Realm Defense Hero Legends latest version

Destroy towers:

Yes, despite the comments in the two previous points, it will happen to us. However well we think we have put them, we will see that how one way or another they end up failing. Download realm defense lucky patcher


Recruit heroes:

The heroes are fundamental, we will recruit them as we advance in the game and they will give us a very valuable bonus since we will be able to place them where we want and relocate later on.

Three stars:

Except that for something very specific we need to move forward, we do not recommend passing any level where we have not achieved 3 stars. First of all, we will be letting out the best rewards, and secondly because unless it has been an exception, the normal thing is that we end up dying shortly.

Not doing 3 stars is a sign that something is not working, so it is better to correct it when we can control the situation when it is already well above our level.

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